On Sunday Feb 8, 2015 Antioch Christian Ministries celebrated its 8th Anniversary in Essex. The number 8 means new beginnings.

Sunday was also new beginnings for Pastor Jay and Krista. Pastor Jay was commissioned by Dr. Gerrie Armaly to be the local church pastor of Antioch Christian Ministries. Pastor Jay will be overseeing the church family and the facility. His passion is for revival, building healthy families and impacting the community of Essex. Dr. Gerrie Armaly will continue to be the overseer of Antioch Christian Ministries and the different ministries that are under that umbrella. Some of those ministries are Lazarus Outreach Centre, Kingsville Lighthouse and Restoration Healing House. Dr. Armaly will continue to travel to the different nations that Antioch Christian Ministries has been involved in; most notably Titian Ministries in Ghana where she holds the position as international director.

The congregation unanimously rejoiced and celebrated the commissioning of their new pastor and the release of Dr. Armaly to step further into her Apostolic role for Antioch Christian Ministries. It was a day of double blessing. It was an honour for Dr. Armaly to place the ministry God allowed her to establish into the hands of her son. Very few have such an incredible blessing from the Lord and we give Him all the glory for what He has done for Antioch Christian Ministries.

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