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Creative Communications Request Form

NOTE: Submitting this form does not ensure your event/project/Video Announcement is approved. We will contact you with the best ways we feel to communicate your event with the congregation.
Please note that depending on the request we need a minimum amount of notice in order for the request to be completed.
Basic Video Announcement Requests: Minimum 5 Days before the Sunday they are announced.
Video Projects: Minimum 3 Weeks before viewing date (Keeping in mind Ad Videos should be shown at least 3 weeks before event date.)
Physical Media: Minimum 2 weeks before due date.
Other requests: 7 days before due date.
To help make sure your project is finished on time, please fill out this form to help us catch the vision and details of your project.
Please Contact Joshua Chaulk if you have any questions or need to explain your request in further details. Email: [email protected] Phone: (519) 839-4500
Please check all that apply.
When do you need this completed/Posted by?
e.g. event name, time, location, one call to action.
e.g. 5min, 20min.
e.g. 50 cards, 3 posters
e.g. Large 5' by 3' Tall Banner, 3"x4" Card, Letter Size Poster
This is the write up that will be posted on the website or social media post describing the event, announcement, etc.