10 Declarations That Will Impact Your Life

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10 Declarations That Will Impact Your Life

Here are 10 Declarations that will impact your life:

  • Jesus influenced the world dramatically, and so do I.
  • Just as Peter’s shadow caused healing in Acts 5, my very presence releases miraculous transformation to those around me.
  • There is no limit to the types of people and situations I impact.
  • My life causes multitudes to surrender their lives to Jesus.
  • My influence will be felt for hundreds of years.
  • Because God’s covenants are not limited by lifespan, my whole family tree is altered. My descendants will be great leaders and influencers.
  • Just as Obed Edom was blessed by the Ark of the Covenant dwelling in his house (2 Samuel 6:11), my city is blessed by me living in it.
  • I value and understand the needs of people; therefore, I have great favour and influence.
  • My hope, my finances, my strategies, and my partnerships with others are causing great positive change in lives and nations.
  • It is impossible for people to be around me and not be changed.

— Declarations by Steve Backlund and Bethel Church Ministry